Ponymon Blue is hack of Pokêmon Sapphire. Unlike Dawn and Dusk, Ponymon Blue has many different features, such as:

The only starter that is left is Rainbow Dash.

Ponies keep the regular types.

Ponies level up slightly faster, gain a variety of moves, and have ablities.

Strings are edited so several jokes and Easter eggs are included.

Our releasing system is slightly different, the developers plan to release versions town-by-town.


So how did Ponymon Blue start anyways? Well, it all began when Art Streak discovered Ponymon Dawn and Dusk actually existed. Art Streak got the games, and liked the concept, but thought some of the features could use tweaking. At first Art Streak tried to start the project on her own, but wasn't going anywhere fast, and the little time she had on the computer was used mostly on YouTube, rather then working on the game.

This meant finding help. Art Streak wasn't sure where to begin, so she simply googled "My Little Pony Forums" and as it turned out, a forum called "My Little Pony Forums" actually existed. Art Streak signed up and posted the project topic, gaining 3 members within 48 hours.

Now Ponymon Blue has started, and versions should be released soon.