==FAQ: ==

How do I play this when it comes out?

You must Download Visual Boy Advance and open the rom.

How  can I keep my Save File when 0.2 or more comes out?

Just rename your old save to the name of the updated Ponymon Blue and it should work properly.

Who is part of the project?

The Team Leader is ArtStreak, the spriters are Frozen Mint and Harmonic Revelations/Supermemessage, and the scripters are Saint Red and WindyFrogC/WindsweptFrog

When is 0.1 Coming Out?

Probably around February 20th, though this isn't guaranteed.

Will <pony from show> be in the .Rom

If they're from Season 1 or 2, most likely.  Check out the Ponydex Page for a list of confirmed Ponymon so far if you want to find out.

How come <pony from season 3> isn't in here?

Because, if everything goes well, we might make a sequel with ponies from Season 3.

What Legendaries are there?

·         Mane 6

·         Luna & Celestia (not confirmed)                              

Will <OC> be in the game.

No, because Artstreak wants to keep the game "show-only" ponies.

Will the game feature non-ponies?

(Not sure yet)